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Upon ATM placement in your location we offer turnkey solutions to all of our customers. Whether you’re a single location merchant or a larger merchant with several locations, we provide the same service and customer support. Brisa Cash has the personal touch of a local business partner with the added value of our expertise, insuring a professional ATM solution for your business and your customers.

Brisa Cash will install, service, and stock each ATM at no cost to you. We own the equipment and provide end-to-end program maintenance, secure ACH processing, comprehensive monitoring, and maintenance. Your business will enjoy increased revenue, foot traffic and cash receipts, plus satisfied customers in your locations.

We offer three different services for:

Retail Merchants
Merchants who have daily foot traffic of 150 or more customers will benefit greatly from ATM placement. If you own or manage a location such as a convenience store, or large shopping center, we can help you provide your customers an added value that’s convenient for all. The merchant only needs to provide space, a network line and an electrical outlet. We take care of the installation and the servicing of the ATM.
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Multi-location Merchants
Merchants with multiple locations with foot traffic of 150 or more customers a day will benefit by having ATMs placed. Whether you have a small franchise or a larger commercial partnership, we can help you place ATMs at any of your locations. Let us take care of your ATM needs so you can work on what really matters, your customers.
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Mobile Events
We can have an ATM securely placed just about anywhere for a specific period of time. We make it easy for you to provide an added service for your community. Don’t hesitate to consider placing an ATM at your next event, from concerts and sporting events to festivals and expos. As long as you have heavy foot traffic we’ll take care of the rest.
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